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About Us

We started the farm in 1988 milking 50 cows. We planted 20 rows of strawberries in 1990 and thought it would create some extra income for our 4 kids. After many hardships and a long learning curve we began to grow more and more strawberries. As demand grew for the berries so did the acres and by the year 2000 we had 10 acres of strawberries. Once we started doing school tours and a corn maze the work load was becoming too great so we sold the dairy cows. We now have 35 acres of strawberries, 4 acres of raspberries and a 10 acre corn maze. We dont know know what the future holds but with the family farm and our faith in God we hope to keep growing as the demand increases. Thank you to all those who have visited our farm. 


During the fall season, be sure to book a tour on our farm and see all the animals and history. You can visit the farm yard to brush up your cow milking skills, get your exercise on the nature walk, take a tour on the hay ride, and last but not least, visit all your favourite animals in the petting zoo. 


Strawberry pickers, get your pails and come on out here for the best strawberries and raspberries you have ever tasted. But what do you do with all those berries once you've picked them? Well, that's why we have lots of recipes online for your convenience


Now that you know all about how to run a farm, and are fed up with berries, it's time to take a break and get lost. Take your chances on the Corn Maze featuring our main attraction the Tower of Terror,Black Hole and, Kids Maze


Our farm may be closed for the winter season, but our website is always open. Winter brings a time to settle down after long and busy days of running the tours, picking the berries, and getting lost in the maze. It is also our chance to gear up for the next season and plan the many events to come. Check out what's new at the Boonstra Farm, as well as some farm history.

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